Friday, June 30, 2017

TRC Southwire 33120 Panel Mount GFCI

Sords Electric Sell the TRC (Technology Research Corp) 33120 Panel Mount GFCI

The small by mighty GFCI is designed to mount in a panel.  The 33120 GFCI has an automatic reset in case of a power outage  The GFCI will trip when it senses a 4-6mA leakage.  A manual reset is required after an actual Ground Fault is detected.

The TRC 33120 is a 20 amp GCI and rated for 120 volts. It has a Test button and a Reset Button.
Unit is 3.25 inches high x 2.16 inches deep and 2.35 inches wide.
GFCI response time is less than 25mS and trip level is 4-6 mA. 
Unit has a power on indication light.

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Unit Top is left with Buttons and unit bottom is right
TRC Model 33120 GFCI Panel Mount

Sords Electric

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Solid State Over Stock at Sords Electric

Sords Electric

The below Solid State Relays and Power Controllers parts are over stock

Payne Engineering  18TBP-1-5
120 volt solid state power SCR controller, 5 amps
Single Phase and 0-118 volt output

Payne Engineering  18TBP-2-5
208, 220, 240 volt solid state power SCR controller, 5 amps
Single Phase and 0-206, 0-218, 0-238 volt output

1 Phase, 30 amps 240 vac

Continental SSR RVA3-6V75T/H
75 amp Solid State Relay, three phase (30 amps max per phase).
120-280 vac input, 24-660 output with Din rail mount heat sink.

Continental SSR RSDA-660-30-3DO
30 Amp, three phase Solid State Relay
4-28 vdc input and 48-660 volt AC output
Din Rail Mount Heat Sink.

Continental SSR RVD3/6V75TL
75 amp Solid State Relay, three phase (30 amps max per phase).
4-32 vdc input, 24-660 output with Din rail mount heat sink.

Continental Hockey Puck SSR RSDC-DC-108-000
8 amp SSR for DC applications.
0-108 VDC output voltage (switching)
Unit comes with touch safe cover and screws in the box.

Sords Electric

Burgess Saia Switches at Sords Electric

Sords Electric

Burgess, the inventor of the MicroSwitch, originally made in Gateshead England. The Company was bought out by Saia and now Johnson Electric still makes state of the art microswitches.

These switches are over stock.

Burgess Model GV32 10 amp at 125 volts and 5 amp at 250 volts.

Burgess QVCF9T 10 amp with with integral Push Button

Burgess Model BVMFYR-ULS mini microswitch with with roller
10 and at 250 VAC and 1/2 HPO 125/250 VAC

Burgess Model BVMF-ULS mini microswitch with with roller
10 and at 250 VAC and 1/2 HPO 125/250 VAC

Burgess Model BVM3FYR-ULS mini microswitch with with roller
10 and at 250 VAC and 1/2 HPO 125/250 VAC

Burgess P3 Switch
15 amp 125/250 VAC

Burgess/Saia PS 03 U11  Nema 4X Limit Switch
Also marked as FANAL.

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Sunday, April 30, 2017

Watlow Strip Heaters

Sords Electric Sells Watlow Strip Heaters

Watlow strip heater include their 375 Strip heater, their Finned Strip heater, single ended FINBAR strip heater  and the MI or mineral insulated strip heater.

Watlow Finned Strip Heater

Watlow 375 Style Strip Heaters

Sords Electric

Friday, March 31, 2017

ATC 339 Timer Delay Relay

Sords Electric Stock the Automatic Timing FM approved 339B TDR

An economical solid-state TDR with octal plug-in base, the 339 maintains excellent repeat accuracy despite wide voltage and temperature varia- tions. even after long periods of down-time. Two models are available. Each has six dial selected ranges from fractions of a second to as long as 10 hours. Each model has a selectable on-delay or interval timing mode.

WIDE CHOICE OF RANGES: In addition to the short ranges expected of an electronic TDR, the 339 is also available with ranges as long as 10 hours. An unusually versatile timer, the 339A has six dial-selected ranges—from 0.3 SEC to 3 hours or 1 SEC to 10 hours—and provides dial-adjustable timing periods between 0.075 seconds and 10 hours. A single 339 model thus accommodates the needs of a wide range of appli- cations, allowing the user to select easily and precisely—an appropriate range to permit optimum setting accuracy. The dial face automatically dis- plays the selected range.

CYCLE PROGRESS INDICATION: The 339’s LED annunciator provides a unique and effective method of cycle progress indication. Off before timing, the LED blinks at an ever-increasing rate as the cycle progresses; once every 3-1/2 seconds during the first 10% of the cycle, twice during the second 10%, and so on. At time-out, the LED stays on constantly, pulsing at a high rate. (In the 1 and 10 second ranges, the LED is off before timing, steady on during timing, and pulsing on after time-out.) 

HIGH ACCURACY: The 339’s timing circuit is not a simple RC circuit, but utilizes the sophistication of a proprietary integrated circuit that includes counting technology along with a stable oscillator to provide repeatable time delays.

MULTIPLE TIMING MODES: Every 339 can be used for either ON- delay or interval timing operation. The timing mode is selectable by a switch on the 339 housing.

The ATC 339B is FM approved or Factory Mutual for use with combustion systems.  Usually used as a purge timer.

ATC 339B359Q2X
Six ranges, .3 or 3 Seconds, Minutes or Hours
120/60 voltage, 8 pin Octal Socket, Factory Mutual Approved-FM

ATC 339B200Q2X
Six ranges,  1 or 10 Seconds, Minutes or Hours
120/60 voltage, 8 pin Octal Socket, Factory Mutual Approved-FM

The ATC 339B Time delay relay can be ordered as well with 240 volts AC, 24 ACDC or 12 VDC

339B359R2X - 240 VAC
339B359T2X - 24 volts AC/DC
339B359E2X - 12 vdc

339B200R2X - 240 VAC
339B200T2X - 24 volts AC/DC
339B200E2X - 12 VDC

Sords Electric

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Carlo Gavazzi 3 Phase Monitoring

Sords Electric and Carlo Gavazzi  has new three phase monitoring Units

February 2017 - CARLO GAVAZZI is pleased to announce our new DPD Series Three-Phase Monitoring Relay with NFC Configuration. This 3-phase voltage and frequency monitoring relay provides the utmost flexibility in very compact dimensions, as it offers a wide range of features in a mere 22.5mm product width. It provides protection against phase reversal, phase loss and if the phase asymmetry, voltage or frequency measurements are not within the user-configured settings and/or thresholds.

The DPD Series settings can easily be modified through an Android App via a smartphone/tablet or via a USB NFC Reader/Writer (part number ACR1252U) connected to a computer. Under and over threshold settings can be set, as well as hysteresis and time delays. They are uploaded into the DPD Series by means of its NFC configuration. Neither potentiometer settings nor DIP switches are used for the device set-up, and after it is set-up, it can be password protected, to ensure safety while in use. The DPD02DM44B is delivered with default settings for North American 3-phase 240VAC mains; whereas the DPD02DM44 is delivered with European/Asian settings for 3-phase 400VAC mains.
The main advantage of the DPD Series is its high versatility and multifunction design. The set-up can be changed at any time and can be replicated, and stored on as many devices as needed. The set-points are extremely precise as they are digital, and much more accurate than they would be with potentiometer settings.
The DPD is widely considered a game-changer in monitoring relay technology, as the user can set up to ten alarm conditions, and then these alarms are combinable via AND / OR logic to provide up to two relay outputs. This combined with the NFC configuration establishes Carlo Gavazzi as the market leader in monitoring relays.
The DPD Series has been designed to provide a highly accurate solution for most 3-phase load applications. Its versatility makes it ideal for generator sets, power generators, and pumps/compressors applications in the Lift/Elevator, Escalator, Materials Handling, and HVAC markets. They are also an excellent off the shelf solution for any electrical distributor, wholesaler or panel builder.

Main technical features include:
3-phase voltage and frequency monitoring relay
Nominal measurement range from 177-552 VAC L-L and 102-318 VAC L-N
Star or Delta mains
NFC configuration
Adjustable set-points, hysteresis, delays, AND/OR logic
Three diagnostic LEDs
Operating frequency from 45 to 440Hz
Two independent SPDT 8 Amp outputs
cULus, CCC approved and CE marked

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Ruffneck Unit Heaters

Sords Electric sells Ruffneck Unit Heaters
 Model RGE Regular Duty Electric Unit Heaters

Ruffneck™ from CCI Thermal Technologies Inc. is renowned for its rugged, reliable and versatile heavy-duty explosion-proof heaters, heating systems and heating accessories. Ruffneck has a long and proud history of supplying quality heating products for the harshest industrial environments to a worldwide customer base for over 30 years. The Ruffneck™ line has enhanced CCI's position as one of North America's leading manufacturers of industrial heating equipment.
Ruffneck™ is well-known in the industry for its "ship the heat in a week" policy, where 95% of all standard orders are shipped within one week of order placement.

CCI Ruffneck Regular Duty Electric Unit Heaters; Type RGE

The CCI Ruffneck™ RGE Regular Duty Unit Heater is designed for use in regular duty industrial and commercial space heating applications. This heater is ideal for use in factories, warehouses, parking garages, boiler rooms, arenas, grandstands, mechanical rooms, shopping malls, display areas, commercial storefronts and more. This heater's robust design and top quality construction surpasses the standards of most competitive models.

  • models range from 2-40kW and 208-600V
  • phosphate coated, epoxy painted 18-gauge steel cabinet
  • field convertible from 1 to 3 phase
  • tubular (Calrod® type)* heating elements
  • individually adjustable air flow louvres
  • permanently lubricated motors
  • overheat protection
  • ceiling mounting bracket supplied
  • motors mounted outside element bundle
  • numerous optional factory installed features to meet specific customer requirements, including optional thermostats and controls, and optional wall bracket
  • numerous accessories for field installation available
  • CSA C/US approved for horizontal air flow; CE approved

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