Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Heat Trace Cable - Heating Cable

Heating Cable

As winter is upon us, it is time to think of freeze protection and keeping pipes warm. Heating Cable is one way to do this, we sell electric heat trace. All heat tracing requires INSULATION. It will not work without it.

There are two main types of heating cable; self regulating and constant wattage.

Self-regulating cable
Self Regulating Heating Cable has two parallel conductors or bus wires extruded in a polymer core. The core's resistance changes porportionally with temperature.

The key to understanding Self-regulating cable is the output adjusts proportionally to the cable sheath temperature
not the temperature of the pipe heated.

There is
no direct feed back for the pipe temperature. Most self-regulating cables are designed to give their rated wattage at 50 degrees F. The wattage output willexceed the rated wattage when the cable temperature is below 50 degrees and the lower the cable temperature the larger this wattage i.e. amperage is. INRUSH!! A high start up current is the result. Tight temperature control is also more difficult with self-regulating cable, because the wattage output is always changing seeking 50 degrees F on the cable not the pipe or fluid in the pipe.

Self-regulating cable works quite well for freeze protection applications. Freeze protection and low temperature applications that do not require very tight control. The inrush can be considered on the design of wiring and breakers, and there are some other cost savings to consider. A thermostat is recommended for most applications. However, when there are several very short runs or several pipe size changes one ambient thermostat can save on a job.

The semi-conductive core contains a graphite network, which allows electricity to flow from one bus wire to the other. When the core is dense and colder, there are many paths for electricity to take through the graphite network, producing more heat.

Since the core material expands as it heats, the graphite network is elongated, disrupting some of the paths. More and more paths are disrupted as heating continues until the system reaches self-controlled thermal stability. When the core material cools it contracts, reconnecting some of the electrical paths in the graphite network, and more equivalent heat is produced.

This temperature response occurs independently at each point along the heater. If an externally produced high temperature occurs next to a low temperature in the cable, each section of heating cable will adjust its own heat output in relation to its own local requirements.

  • Cut to fit in the field.
  • Possible lower operating cost.
  • Possible lower installation cost.
  • Wide variety of wattages
  • Most tolerant to overlapping
  • Low Cost

  • Disadvantages:
  • High start-up currents
  • Difficult to precisely control temperature
  • Not well suited for procsss control
  • Low design temperatures

  • Constant Wattage Cable is made up with two parallel conductors or wires. These wires have a heater wire wrapped around and connected in approximately 2-foot intervals in parallel. This design provides constant wattage output or a uniform output all along its length. The heater wires are designed such that if any section of cable should fail the rest of the heater would continue to operate without change.

  • Constant wattage cable should NOT be overlaped. The effect of double the wattage where the cable crosses will cause high temp failures.

    The constant wattage output makes maintaining higher and more accurate process temperatures easier. This cable is well suited for freeze protection and many low temp process control applications.

    This cable can be cut in the field. When terminated the last 2-foot heater section becomes a cold sections "unheated". This provides an unheated section of cable to penetrate the insulation, enter the junction box and make up power connections. Constant Wattage Cable needs a thermostat on each pipe and each pipe size in order to maintain accurate temperature control.

  • Cut to fit in the field.
  • Easily controlled
  • Built in cold length at every power connection
  • Wide variety of wattage outputs
  • Low cost
  • 480 Volt Cable available
  • Design Temperatures up to 500° F
  • Disadvantages:
  • Requires pipe sensing thermostats
  • CANNOT be overlaped

  • Saturday, November 27, 2010

    Cable Mats by TRC

    Cable Management Systems

    Yellow Jacket and Black Jacket

    Avoiding costly electrical accidents and/or downtime is critical to all businesses. Cables are the conduits of power, telecommunications and fluids. Protecting these cables and the people in this environment is of paramount importance.

    Unprotected cables risk damage from vehicles and pedestrian traffic. They also pose a tripping and entanglement hazard for personnel. All can result in costly repairs and downtime.

    TRC's cable management systems, Yellow Jacket and Black Jacket, provide a variety of cable protection to meet your specific needs from light weight loads to heavy loads up to 21,000 pounds. These solutions support many of your on the ground requirements.

    A complete cable protection system. Perfect for any application where cables are in harms way. Eliminates downtime, costly repairs and reduces liability. Applications for:

    • Entertainment Industry
    • Institutions and Municipalities
    • Industrial, Construction and Utilities


    • Reduces risk of electrocution and entanglement hazards while protecting cable for power, fluids and communications
    • Designed for harsh demanding environments
    • Non-conductive, resists oils and solvents
    • Available in both three and five channel configurations, cables lay flat and unkinked in thier own channel
    • Modular design makes installation simple and fast in virtually any configuration
    • The Yellow Jacket has a load bearing capacity of 80,000 lbs., or 21,000 lbs. per axle

    Black Jacket™
    Light Duty
    Cable Protection

    Black Jacket's "egg crate" construction is designed for heavy volume foot traffic and low speed, light volume vehicular traffic; for lighter loads up to 10,000 lbs. per axle.

    Black Jacket has the resilience, hardness and impact resistance polyurethane is known for and is not affected by oil, chemicals or solvents. Its modular 3-foot sections with 5 channel configurations span whatever length of protection is needed.

    Sords Electric

    Cleveland, Ohio


    Sunday, November 14, 2010

    Lovato Electric Products

    For 88 years, LOVATO Electric has grown and developed in the market of electromechanical and
    electronic components for electrical equipment.
    LOVATO Electric, one of the first companies in Italy to obtain ISO 9001 certification in 1992, offers over 10,000 product codes complying with the strictest international standards.

    Motor protection circuit breakers, contactors, push buttons, limit switches, soft-starters, relays, digital multimeters and power factor regulators are just some of the products totally designed and produced by LOVATO Electric.
    LOVATO Electric in Italy together with its 11 foreign Companies and 59 official distributors, is the reference point for the international distribution of LOVATO Electric products in over 88 Countries.
    LOVATO Electric can only develop its activities by successfully utilising the potential, culture and knowledge of its collaborators. A ‘TEAM’ that benefits both Customers and Suppliers.

    The electromechanical starters in enclosure are designed for mounting contactors and overload relays on low-rated machinery and in any type of application where there is no specific place for electrical equipment.
    Adapter plates and quick connect wiring are available to assemble compact direct-on-line, reversing or star-delta starters.
    - Direct-on-line starters complete with thermal overload
    relay in insulated enclosure
    - Direct-on-line starters without or to be completed with
    thermal overload relay in insulated encosure
    - Reversing contactor assemblies
    - Changeover contactor assemblies
    - Star-delta starters, open frame
    - Star-delta starters, in enclosure
    - Star-delta starters with electronic TM ST time relays,
    open frame on 35mm top-hat rail.


    The series of LOVATO ELECTRIC contactors includes three and four-pole versions, with AC, DC and DC low consumption coil (only for BG and BF type).
    The contactors, 110A AC3 and higher, have a coil which operates indifferently in AC or DC with very reduced consumption.
    Many accessories are available for the entire range.

    - Three-poles
    - Four-poles
    - Four-pole versions
    with 2NO+2NC or 4NC main poles

    - For power factor correction
    - Control relays.


    The SM series is a new generation of motor protection circuit breakers with thermal and magnetic trip releases.
    An extensive range of settings (0.1 to 100A) and four class sizes allow the control and protection of motors up to 45kW (400V).

    - Motor protection circuit breakers SM1:
    from 0.1A to 32A (Icu 400V 50kA)
    - Motor protection circuit breakers SM2-SM3:
    from 28A to 100A(Icu 400V 50kA).


    Thermal overload relays for motor protection have adjustment ranges between 0.09 and 420A.
    They may be mounted directly on the contactors or independently.

    - Phase failure sensitive with manual reset
    - Phase failure sensitive with automatic reset
    - Non phase failure sensitive with manual reset
    - Non phase failure sensitive with automatic reset
    - Thermistor protection relays.


    A host of available functions along with the constructive features allow to use the new VF motor drives in the most diversified applications: cement, paper, chemical, petrochemical plants, waterworks and gas ducts and many others.
    Careful design of the front control panel and menu configuration warrant flexible selections along with easy and clear installation and set-up of the motor drive.

    - Single and three-phase
    - Single-phase up to 2.2kW - 230V
    - Three-phase up to 630kW - 400V.

    - Built-in EMC filter
    - Built-in DC reactor for 18.5 up to 630kW types
    - Configurable type of motor control: linear V/F, vector
    control, energy saving
    - Special functions for pump and fan control using PID algorithm
    - Programming and supervision software
    - IP54 versions available on request
    - Versions available up to 600VAC on request
    - HVAC versions, compliant with IEC/EN 61000-3-12
    standards, available on request
    - Certifications obtained: UL for USA and Canada, CSA, C-Tick
    - Compliant with standards: EN 50178 and IEC/EN 61800-3.


    Torque ramp control, built-in by-pass contactor, LCD display and remote control and supervision via PC or GSM are only a few of the innovative functions on board the ADX starters.
    LOVATO Electric soft starters include ratings between 17 and 1200A, providing the ideal solution for starting electrical motors.

    - With integrated by-pass contactor
    - Predisposed for external by-pass contactor.

    - 12A to 1200A types
    - Integrated by-pass contactor up to 245A rating
    - Torque control starting
    - Total motor protection incorporated
    - Clock calendar
    - Digital control and adjustment.
    - RS232 and RS485 serial ports for remote supervision and control
    - Modbus® RTU and property ASCII communication protocols.


    Lovato Electric switching power supplies, intended for industrial, commercial and residential automation, transforms an input alternating (AC) voltage into an output direct (DC) one.
    Thanks to the switching technology, very high levels of efficiency, extremely compact-sized devices and reduced heat dissipation are obtained.
    The wide operating range of power supply voltages and the wide choice of output current allow to satisfy power supply requirements of the most common electromechanical and electronic elements, such as PLCs, timers, DC motors, displays, SSRs and other equipment normally found in automation systems.

    - Modular version
    - DIN rail mount version.

    - Single, two and three-phase types
    - Versions in industrial modular housing
    - Protection against short circuits, overloads and voltage peaks
    - High efficiency
    - Parallel connection using switch placed on model fronts (some



    The LOVATO Electric time relays are suitable for industrial
    automation because of the extensive range of functions.
    Available in modular, DIN rail mount or plug-in/flush-mount version, these LOVATO Electric time relays have excellent time and repeat accuracy.

    - On delay. Multiscale.
    Multivoltage AC/DC supply
    - Multifunction. Multiscale.
    Multivoltage AC/DC supply. 1 relay utput
    - Multifunction. Multiscale.
    Multivoltage AC/DC supply. 2 relay outputs
    - Recycle. Indipendent timings. Multiscale.
    Multivoltage AC/D
    C supply
    - Off delay. Multiscale. Multivoltage AC/DC supply
    - For starting. Multiscale. Multivoltage AC/DC supply

    - On delay, multiscale. AC supply
    - On delay, multiscale. AC/DC supply
    - Off delay at external contact opening, multiscale.
    AC/DC supply
    - Multifunction, multiscale and multivoltage.
    1 changeover contact
    - Multifunction, multiscale and multivoltage.
    2 independent changeover contacts
    - Programmable asymmetrical recycle
    - For starting.

    - On delay, single scale and singlevoltage
    - On delay, multiscale and multivoltage
    - On delay, multiscale and singlevoltage
    - Multiscale, multivoltage and multifunction.

    - Modular versions for consumer switchboards
    - 35mm DIN rail mount version
    - Plug-in or flush-mount version
    - Vast range of functions and time scales
    - Reliable time and repeat accuracy.