Monday, October 31, 2016

Q'Mark MUH Electric Unit Heaters

Sords Electric and Q'Mark keep you Warm with MUH Unit Heaters

Modular Unit Heaters from Q'Mark or MUH Heaters have been the industry standard for decades since their inception at Chromalox Comfort Conditioning. The Q'Mark MUH is the most specified and used unit heater for commercial applications. The MUH comes in KW sizes from 3 kw to 50 kw (10,230  to 170, 500 BTUs) and voyages from 208 - 600.

Common applications for the MUH are factories, warehouses, garages, stores, shipping rooms, power stations, aircraft hangers, convention halls and sports arenas.

Heaters are made from heavy gauge die-formed steel housing with the front and back case in t neutral grey color while the wrap around steel section is Statuary Bronze cooler as are the Stainless Steel louvers.

The heaters include an automatic reset linear thermal cutout for over heat protection and the automatic fan delay keeps blowing after the elements have turned off to distribute the heat.

Q'Mark MUH Heater

Q'Mark Heaters on Sords Electric

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