Friday, December 5, 2014

Conductive Level Control by Carlo Gavazzi

Sords Electric Conductive Level by Carlo Gavazzi

Conductive Sensors
2-point level controller 
Type CL with potentiometer

CARLO GAVAZZI is pleased to announce the expansion of their Conductive Level Controller product line, which enables customers to have easy-to-use, cost effective level control with a broad range of conductive liquids. Each of the new controllers provides precise filling or emptying control of liquid levels between two different points. Two basic styles are available, in order to meet a diverse range of application requirements. All of the models provide one SPDT relay output, which is rated up to 8A, 250VAC.

The powerful but slim CLD2EB1BU24 provides three sensitivity ranges plus a fine tune adjustment from 250 ohm to 500K ohm, enabling for control with a wide variety of liquids, such as salt water, sewage and chemicals. DIN rail mounting and universal 24-240VAC/DC supply voltage simplifies installation, and the 17.5mm housing width minimizes panel space requirements.
For more cost sensitive applications, the economically priced CLP2EB1Bxxx retains the reliability and many features of the CLD2EB1BU24, at a lower price. This model provides a single mid-range sensitivity adjustment from 5K ohm to 150K ohm, and supports many common applications. Mounted via an 11-pin DIN-rail mountable socket, four different models are available for operating voltages of 24VDC, 24VAC, 115VAC, or 230VAC.
The new Conductive Level Controllers offer a reliable and cost effective solution for level measurement in markets such as Agriculture and Water/Waste Water.

Technical specifications include:

CLD2EB1BU24 DIN Rail Mount Housing:

Two-point charging/discharging

250 ohm to 500K ohm sensitivity

24 to 240VAC/DC power supply

One 8A/250VAC SPDT relay output

CLP2EB1B Plug-in Housing:

Two-point charging/discharging

5K ohm to 150K ohm sensitivity

24VDC, 24VAC, 115VAC, or 230VAC power supply

35mm wide, 11-pin plug-in housing

One 8A/250VAC SPDT relay output

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