Tuesday, August 4, 2009

LASER Switches

Laser switches are photo Electric Switches with a punch.
Our Laser PhotoElectric switches take it a step up from the standard visible or infrared light photo electric switches.
Using a laser, usually red, the laser switch offers a few advantages over the standard photo switches including longer range and smaller target size.
The Maximum range of our laser switches is 160 feet. If using a thru beam system you the entire 160 feet can be utilized, whereas if retro reflective, then the effective range is 80 feet, to the reflector and back.
The spot size for laser switches if very small and consistant. A standard photo electric switch sends out a beam that is cone shaped, the spot size gets bigger (and weaker) the father it travels. This can lead to inaccuracies and poor beam intensity. The laser switch keeps its’ intensity as well as a consistent beam size. With a laser switch the edge of a product can be sensed on an assembly line for packaging or sorting applications.
Laser Switches, starting around 100.00, can be a great solution to a sensing application. Let Sords Electric help you pick out a Laser switch.