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SSAC Timers

SSAC Timers ~ Solid State Advanced Controls

SSAC designs and
manufactures electronic controls for original equipment
manufacturers: commercial appliances, heating, ventilating, air conditioning and refrigeration
equipment, vending equipment, pumping equipment, elevators, etc.; for process control and
automation designers; obstruction lighting control designers; and for a large group of industrial customers andservice contractors. Sales representatives and stocking distributors are located througho
ut the world.May 31, 2010 SSAC was sold to the shareholders of SymCom Inc. of Rapid City, South Dakota. All the employees were offered positions with the newly formed SSAC LLC. company. Most elected to stay and help SSAC grow within the new privately held structure. Prior History: April 2001, a friendly takeover bid for the Entrelec Group was launched by ABB Inc. This takeover bid was accepted and finalized in June 2001, thereby integrating Entrelec and thus SSAC Inc. into the ABB Group.

An ISO 9001 Company (view ISO certificate)
For more than 30 years, SSAC has achieved new levels of product, quality, and service. Our customers demand quality and they get it. SSAC was the first North American Timers and Controls Company to have an ISO 9001 Registered quality system in place. Our ISO 9001 Quality Management System monitors all aspects of the business process: from the design process to purchasing, incoming material to shipment and customer service. At SSAC we design quality into our products. All of our processes are documented for sustainability and customer satisfaction. Our goal is to make every customer completely satisfied with the best products and services through continuous improvement and employee involvement.

Research and Development The research and development group provides the vehicle for bringing forth new innovative products that meet today's and tomorrow's equipment requirements. It is not enough to provide accurate and stable controls. These controls must address the requirements of the application; this is the only way the target price can be achieved. We offer a wide selection of standard products; and if required, we will develop a product to meet your specific needs. If your need is for one piece or 100,000 pieces, we have the facilities, the equipment, and the people to produce your control when you need it.

Timers and Controls Catalog - SS3
The Largest Selection of Timers and Controls Available
This product selection and application manual provides clear, concise product data and application tips unavailable elsewhere. Double indexing and selection charts for each section speeds product selection. This manual is a must for all control system design engineers.

Products Catalog - Timers and Controls10 Million Timers and Controls Available in 2 Days or Less
SSAC most popular standard products. This 40 page catalog presents 's most popular In Stock & Quickship Timers & Controls; All available from local authorized distributors includi

ng: Time Delay Relays, Encapsulated Timing Modules, Universal Timers, Alternating Relays, Voltage Monitors, Current Sensors and Monitors, Motor Winding Monitors, Liquid Level Controls, Flashers, Tower & Obstruction Lighting Controls, and Accessories. Most of these controls are available for surface and 35 mm DIN rail mounting. The connection options: screw terminals, octal sockets or 0.25 male quick connects, provide solutions for all types of OEM equipment and custom panels.

Application EngineeringSSAC's application engineers offer free assistance in solving all types of control problems. This group has the knowledge and ability to refer to numerous past and present designs, an extensive library of other manufacturer's controls and sensors, along with a working knowledge of many types of equipment and controls. Technical Support

Product Design Experience
SSAC is proud of its wide selection of standard products. These controls satisfy most applications. If you cannot find the exact control for your equipment in this catalog, call our application engineers. We may have already developed a similar custom control. SSAC has over 3,000 custom project numbers on file. The design you require may be a slight modification of an existing desig

n, or a complex development program using a microcomputer.

Complex or simple, SSAC provides the required service. The process starts when you cont

act our application engineering group. After we receive a description of how your equipment must operate, we will process an estimate for design and production. We can design the control with conventional through hole components or with surface mount technology. For most designs, there is no charge for engineering. Free engineering is part of the service we provide.

Quality Program (view ISO certificate)
SSAC's Quality Policy: SSAC's goal is to make every customer completely satisfied with the best products and services through continuous improvement and employee involvement.
We understand the important role played by our Quality Program in making our products dependable, competitive, and responsive to our customer's needs. In order to fully realize our stated Quality Policy, we monitor the Quality of the incoming material, the quality of each step

of the manufacturing process, and we continue to monitor the performance of units after sale and installation.

SSAC Products include: