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ATC Counters from Sords Electric

Automatic Timing and Controls 354 Counters from Sords Electric

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354B350Q30PX 120 volt 9999 Count Counter
354B350Q30PX 240 volt 9999 Count Counter

354C Series Shawnee II High Speed Counter

ATC High Speed 354 Counter

  • 4 Digit Display
  • Easy to Set
  • Noise Immunity
  • Plug-In & Dust-Tight
  • Control Versatility
  • High Repeat Accuracy
The solid-state ATC 354 is manufactured from a series of computer-tested plug-in circuit boards and assembled virtually without hand wiring. Because it has no moving parts in its logic circuits, its life expectancy is practically unlimited. Even the load relay—the 354’s only significant mechanical component—has a life expectancy of 100,000,000 operations (no load), while the optional solid-state switch module has a virtually unlimited life expectancy. As a result, the 354 achieves an overall reliability that surpasses even the high level achieved by previous Shawnee counters.
CYCLE PROGRESS INDICATION: The ATC Shawnee 354 indicating counter provides cycle progress indication on a four-digit display located immediately above the digital setting number wheels. While the non-indicating Model 354C does not provide true cycle progress indication, its pilot light signals when the counter is running.
EASY TO SET AT ALL TIMES: The ATC Shawnee counter is easily and accurately set even with work gloves on. Push any of its four toggle levers in any sequence until the number you want appears above it. You can decrease as well as increase each number by pushing the levers up or down. You can change the setting at any time, even during a cycle.
NOISE IMMUNITY: The 354 does not have to be shielded: its transformer power supply, full-wave bridges, buffered logic and other design characteristics render it immune to the electrical noise that is sometimes encountered in industrial environments thus eliminating false starts and reset due to voltage spikes.
PLUG-IN AND DUST-TIGHT: All ATC 354 counters feature true plug-in design and are dust-tight from the front of panel. 100% ACCURATE AND BOUNCE-PROOF: The repeat accuracy of the ATC Shawnee 354 is 100% at all rated speeds, even in the presence of contact bounce. The ATC 354 has two selectable levels of bounce suppression: a normal level which eliminates false counts at speeds up to 500 per second with reed switch inputs, and 5,000 per second with DC voltage pulses; and a high level, for speeds up to 80 per second with high-bounce contact closures (relays, precision switches, etc.).
HOUSING, IT OCCUPIES 40% LESS: Packaged in a 72mm2 DIN-size housing, the 354 occupies 40% less panel space than previous IC counters. Modern production and assembly techniques have substantially reduced manufacturing costs resulting in a 45% cost saving.
CONTROL VERSATILITY: The ATC 354 operates either as a repeat cycle pulse generator or in single-cycle interval or delayed mode. You choose the kind of control action you want by installing jumpers on the terminal block. It also provides a choice of control output, a standard plug-in SPDT relay or an optional SPST solid-state switch module…plus an independent and separate DC output signal at Terminal 6.

The ATC Shawnee 354 operates on a digital logic circuit with three main elements: input circuits which allow it to count various types of DC pulses; a read-only-memory (ROM) whose output is set by the counter’s digital setting number wheels; and a comparator that continuously examines the outputs of the input circuit and ROM. When the start (ready/reset) signal is on, the input circuit begins to count incoming pulses, feeding the total count continuously to the comparator. When input circuit output exactly equals ROM output, the ATC 354 counts out. At that instant, the input circuit automatically turns itself off even if the start signal remains on; it is therefore not necessary to turn off the pulses externally. At the same instant, the 354 provides one of three load control actions depending on how it is wired (see Typical Applications). When the 354 is wired for interval operation, the counter’s output device (either the standard SPDT relay or the optional SPST switch module) is energized from the start to the end of the count cycle; so is the DC output at terminal 6. 


Range is 1-9999 or 10-99,990 (in tens) Counts

Pulse Inputs 
Minimum Open Resistance: 1 megohm
Maximum Closed Resistance: 20K Ohms
Switch Requirements:  10mA, 30v
Max Count Rate:  500/SEC
Min Closed Time:  100 μSE
Min Open Time:  1 mSEC
Max Open Time: .3 mSEC
Voltage Inputs:
Positive Polarity:  On at 4.5V minimum, Off at 1.0V Maximum
Negative Polarity:  On at 3.0V minimum, Off at 1.0V Maximum
Maximum Continuous Input:    40V
Ripple Voltage: Must not go below requirement
Input Impedance:  5K ohms
Minimum ON time:  60 μSEC
Minimum OFF time: 100 μSEC
Count rate: 5K Hz Maximum
Delayed Mode 
Relay Operate Time:  20 mSEC maximum
Relay Release Time:  25 mSEC maximum
Automatic Recycle Mode
Pulse On Time (with Relay) 80 mSEC, + 20 mSEC
Start (Ready/Reset) Signal
Positive Polarity: ready at 4.5V Minimum, Reset at 1.0V Maximum
Maximum Continuous Input: 40V
Ripple Voltage:  must not go below MIN requirement
Input Impedance: 5K ohms
Ready to Count Time: .5 mSEC
Circuit Reset:  1 mSEC maximum
Ready to Drop Out:  20 mSEC maximum
Start Switch Requirements (Isolated contact)
Switch Rating: 10mA, 30v
Minimum Open Resistance:  1 megohm
Maximum Closed Resistance:  20K ohms
Latching Mode Operation (interval only)
Minimum Duration Start Signal:  50 μSEC
Maximum Start Signal:   continuous
Load Relay
LIFE: 100,000,000 operations with no load
Contact Rating: 5A at 120 VAC, 3A at 28vdc 1/20 HP at 120 VAC
Solid-State Switch Module (optional)
Switches external C voltage supply of positive Polarity, 4 to 30V, 50 mA max
DC Output (Terminal 6)
Voltage: ON 24V +/- 10%
Current: 40mA Maximum
Power Requirements
120V: 95 to 132V, 50/60 Hz, inrush .4A, Running-.02A
240V: 190 to 264V, 50/60 Hz, inrush .4A, Running-.02A
Temperature Rating
32º to 140ºF / 0 60º C
Standard - Hardware provided to mount counter to be dust tight on front end of panel
Optional - Surface mounting with front facing terminals

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Note - The ATC 354 has gone through 3 updates. The oldest timer was the 354A subsequently followed by the 354B and now the 354C.

Other ATC 354C counters are below

354C353Q30PX - 120vac - relay output
354C353R30PX - 240vac - relay output
354C350Q30PJ  - 120vac with Solid State Output
354C350R30PJ  - 240vac with Solid State Output
354C353Q30PJ  - 120vac with Solid State Output
354C353R30PJ  - 240vac with Solid State Output
(The 353 versions are 10-99,990 counts)

Sords Electric

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

TECO E510 Medium Duty Variable Frequency Drives

Sords Electric sells TECO E510 Medium Duty 230/460 NEMA 4 Drives

TECO Drives on Sords Electric

The E510 Compact Drive is an easily configured drive that controls many applications.  From Simple fixed speed set ups to applications requiring PM motors, the E510 meets the application standard. This product replaces our legacy N3 Drives

The E510 is great for Fans, Mixing Equipment Pumps, lathes, AC Contactor replacement.

Features and Specifications
.5 to 3 HP 230 Volts, 50/60 Hz, Single Phase (Constant Torque)
.5 to 40 HP, 460 Volts, 50/60 Hz, Three Phase, (Constant Torque)
1 to 75 HP, 460 Volts, 50/60 Hz, Three Phase, (Constant Torque)
Parameters Grouped By Function
Built In PLC Functionality
PID Process Control Loop
Built In Modbus & BACnet Protocols (RJ45 Interface)
5 Digit Operator's Keypad and Speed Pot
Digital and Analog Inputs and Outputs with ~ 4 msec Update Time
Auto Run Mode (Cyclic Operation)
Power Loss Ride Through
Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR)
Complies with IEC, 60018-2-78, UL, cUL, CE and RoHS
Built-In Disconnect Switch on some models

A sampling of TECO's E510 Models, click to buy.

TECO E5102P5H1FN4S-U, .5 HP, 230v, 1-3 phase Teco Westinghouse NEMA 4/12 Drive

TECO E510202H1FN4S-U, 2 HP, 230v, 1-3 phase Teco Westinghouse NEMA 4/12 Drive

TECO E510401H3FN4S-U, 1 HP, 460v, 3 phase Teco Westinghouse NEMA 4/12 Drive

TECO E510403H3FN4S-U, 3 HP, 460v, 3 phase Teco Westinghouse NEMA 4/12 Drive

TECO E510408H3FN4S-U, 7.5 HP, 460v, 3 phase Teco Westinghouse NEMA 4/12 Drive

TECO E510410HN4R-U, 10 HP, 460v, 3 phase Teco Westinghouse NEMA 4/12 Drive

TECO E510415HN4R-U, 15 HP, 460v, 3 phase Teco Westinghouse NEMA 4/12 Drive

TECO E510425HN4R-U, 25 HP, 460v, 3 phase Teco Westinghouse NEMA 4/12 Drive

Other sizes available as well as NEMA 1 versions.

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The TECO E510 drive product is an inverter designed to control a three phase induction motor.
The E510 Motor isn an electrical/Electronic product and must be installed and handled by qualified derive personnel.
Improper handling may result in incorrect operation, shorter life cycle, or failure of the E510 product or failure of the motor.

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Monday, October 1, 2018

TriVolt Standard Band Heaters PWB Series

Sords Electric Sells TriVolt Band Heaters - Standard Power Bands

The Power Band Heater by Tri-Volt - 

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The TriVolt power band heaters can operate at sheath temperatures of up to 1300º F continuously depending on the diameter, width and application. The interior of the TriVolt Power Band heater are manufactured with ceramic tape, nichrome wire and high temperature cement.  The TriVolt Power Band heaters respond quickly to applications that require high temperatures and high watt densities (Watts per square inch). All the moisture is removed from the Power Band Heaters by their baking processor 850º F for 8 hours. Tri-Volt has included a small profile termination on the models PWB1 and PWB2 for those applications with restricted space.
All of the TriVolt Power Band Heaters are clamped down with an 18 gauge stainless steel strap to reassure there are no air gaps between the barrel and the heater which improves the band heaters conductive performance. Both the outer and inner shell are manufactured with 3042b stainless steel channel sheet metal providing a compressed process while forming the band heaters. The TriVolt Power Band Heaters are manufactured in a variety of electrical termination styles and can have holes for thermocouples or other reasons.

Applications: Plastic Extrusion, Injection Molding, Blow Molding, Pressure Molding, Structural Foam, packaging, Chemical, Oil and Gas

Specifications: Up to 1300º Sheath Temperture, 100 watts/sq. inch, 120 and 240 volts.

Construction: 1 or 2 piece, Expandable, partial Coverage, Stainless Steel, Minimum Diameter is 1.5 inches, minimum width is 1 inch.

Electrical Connections: Post Terminal, Fiber glass sleave, Metal SS braid, Armour Cable, Ground Post, Dual Voltage, Low Profile Cap, 3 phase, 120 or 240 volts

Terminal Housing: Terminal Box, Terminal Box with Ceramic Block, European Plug, European Plug with terminal box, Ceramic Post Covers, Brass Cap for Heater with different Angle Lead Exits

Clamping Methods: Independent or full strap, Spring-Loaded Barrel Nuts

Features: Low Profile band Heater, Connection Position is 180º from the gap, 18 Gauge 430 stainless strap for maximum clamping, Up to 1300º sheath Temperature

Tri-Volt PWB Band Heater, PWB-02-1A1 inch ID, 1 inch width 120 volts, 100 Watts

Tri-Volt PWB Band Heater, PWB-03-1C, 1 inch ID, 1 inch width 120 volts, 200 Watts

Tri-Volt PWB Band Heater, PWB-05-1B1 inch ID, 1.5 inch width 240 Volts, 300 Watts

Tri-Volt PWB Band Heater, PWB-43-1A2 inch ID, 2 inch width 240 Volts, 750 Watts

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