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Toshiba S15 Micro - Drive

Sords Electric has the new Toshiba S 15 micro drive in stock and ready to ship.

The Toshiba S15 drive replaces the Toshiba S11 micro drive (which replaced the S9 drive).

Here is a discussion on the 2 drives.

Towards the end of 2012 Toshiba began to introduce the New S15 Series Adjustable Speed Drives to the market place. In the process of adding a totally new drive they also began to obsolete the S11 series drive that had been Toshiba’s main Micro Drive for a number of years. As the S11 Inventory is depleted they will no longer be available and the S15 will be the only Micro Drive available.

We have been asked what are the differences between the S15 and the S11? There are some new features that were not available on the S11 which we will discuss shortly. If you have been using the S11 drive for any period of time you may be reluctant to make the switch to the S15, but be assured the S15 will perform the same tasks as the S11 however  with so new and interesting added features.
First, there will be two S15 drives available, the Premium S15 and the basic S15 drive.
·      The Premium S15 model features the use of an STO terminal and permanent magnetic synchronous reluctance motor control for permanent magnet motors. The STO or Safe Torque Off terminal is typically designed to meet European safety standards, which have recently begun to appear in North America.
·      PM Synchronous Reluctance Motor Control
§  3 Automatic Magnet pole position detect function to achieve zero speed torque and maximum drive efficiency.
§  Servo torque characteristics without a sensor.

Here is are some of the differences between the S15 versus the S11drives.
·      A major change in the S15 over the S11 is the replacement of the front mounted potentiometer with a rotary encoder with separate center push button. The encoder will be used for menu navigation as well as setting the frequency from the keypad.  
·      All S15s have a smaller footprint than the corresponding S11 in the same power size.
·      An easy button has also been added to the front mount keypad that can be programmed to a variety of different functions. From default the EASY button will switch between commonly used parameters and all parameters functioning as a simple startup wizard. It can be reprogrammed to be a shortcut key to a user defined parameter, A Local/Remote key, or a monitor hold key to capture peak or minimum value.

The S15 processer has also been upgraded over the S11 to offer faster logic response times and improved communication response times. The chart below shows the difference in response times between the S15 and the S11 in milliseconds.

Response Time
Logic Input
8.3 – 9.7 ms
10 – 23 ms
(at 19200 bps)
2.6 – 4.8 ms
10 – 20 ms

·      Expanded Communications
§  Modbus        
§  CAN open    
§  Profibus
§  Device NET  
§  Ethernet
§  Ether CAT     
§  CC Link
§  NOTE: A Communications Adaptor (SBP009Z ) is required for all communications options cards
·      RS485 Communication Port
·      Multi-Loader Option
§  The PWU003Z Multiloader is a tool which allows users to download and upload parameters between S15 drives, which requires no power to the VFD. The S15’s configuration file can be copied to the Parameter writer's SD card. The user may then select and transfer the configuration file from the Parameter writer to the S15. Once the initial transfer is complete, the user can use Quick Store mode, which allows the Parameter writer to load the same update file onto several S15’s in succession.

·      Store 8 faults in history compared to 4 in S11
·      My Function (basic PLC style programming)

§  My Function is available in both the Standard and Premium Model S15 power units
§  The S15 Instruction Manual does not list My Function parameters
§  A separate My Functions manual may be provided upon request

·      STO (Safe Torque Off) Terminal (only on premium model) Will not output VFD power without 24Vdc applied to STO terminal. Similar functionality as “ST” as it prevents firing of IGBTs when not active. This is a Hardwired terminal and cannot be reprogrammed for any other task
·      External 24VDC Power Input
·      DIN rails are available for the S15 drive for easy wall mounting. These are only available for certain horsepower’s. These include drives up to 3HP for 230V input and 2HP for 460V input.
·      Remote Keypads
§  TOS-SN-10B, Includes 1.5 meter cable
§  RKP002Z, May be used as a parameter copier Capable of storing/writing parameters for up to three models. One CAB001x-0A cable is necessary.
·      600 Volt Drives
§  At this time, Toshiba’s R&D has not begun developing plans for a 600V class S15 or a S15 We will continue to stock the 600V S11 series drives to accommodate this market. In addition to that, we will continue to stock full S11 options for these drives until further notice.
·      IP54 Enclosure Drives
§  We will continue to stock IP54 Enclosure S11 series drives to accommodate this market. In addition to that, we will continue to stock full S11 options for the IP54 drives until further notice.

Toshiba’s YouTube channel, added earlier this year, is up and running with a few promotional product videos, but primarily low voltage drives application notes.
You can access this website by going to

These were filmed and produced by Toshiba International Corporation, the video series called TIC-talk are continually being added to walk users through basic programming or certain applications.

Some of the current videos include basic VLP setup, VLP features such as sleep mode, start and stop points, calibrating analog input terminals, resetting the drive to factory defaults, or transferring parameters between drives using the EOI. This screen capture shows how the video demonstrates how to program the drive and also does a functionality check using a demo setup.

We also have a larger library of application notes available in addition to VFD specifications, manuals, brochures, drawings, and software.

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