Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Toshiba AS3 Variable Frequency Drive

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The Toshiba AS3 Drive has ratings from .4 kw (.5hp) to 250 kw (450hp) in Heavy Duty or Constant Torque and .75kw (1 hp) to 315 kw (500hp) in normal duty or variable torque duty.

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The high performance TOSHIBA VF-AS3 achieves high speed/real time network communication via embedded Ethernet without any optional devices, ready to meet the requirement of modern automation with IoT and Industry 4.0. Also, VF-AS3 with TOSHIBA excellent motor control technology and hardware design helps for all your applications.

The VF-AS3 has an embedded Ethernet dual port adaptor that can be used in the following Modbus TCP. The adaptor provides a set of services at the Ethernet and TCP/IP level. The dual Ethernet port adaptor offers an embedded Web server which offers comfortable displaying and commissioning functions directly from a standard web browser. The VF-AS3 supports the following Automatic IP address assignment via BOOTP and DHCP and Diagnostics and configuration via integrated Web server.

The sensor which is equipped in the machine and equipment, can be connected with VF-AS3 and the status can be monitored by network communication.

The VF-AS3 can be connected with various devices through local area network, wireless network, and the Internet. It achieves data collection to know operational status and analyze system failure. This IoT-Ready function increase productivity and reduce total cost.

For Oil & Gas / Mining Industry
Jack pumps / Compressor / Conveyor / Crushers / Compressor

Multi ratings – excellent motor control performance
The VF-AS3 has the multi ratings and can drive for various application with HD(150%- 60sec) and ND(120%-60sec). It is available for both heavy-load application and light-load application. The starting torque with sensor-less vector control is 200% with 0.3Hz or more. The VF-AS3 achieves high starting torque and high accuracy regenerative torque at low frequency.

Easy to set up with Auto-tuning function
The VF-AS3 has the Auto-tuning function that automatically optimizes the drive parameters.
The moment of inertia of machine and equipment can also be set easily by Auto-tuning function.

PM motor drive
PM motor drive technology has been implemented in VF-AS3 as a standard feature. The VFAS3 can control both induction and permanent magnetic synchronous motors with/without feedback sensor, allowing them to use for the variety f purposes. The VF-AS3 can drive both interior permanent magnetic motor (IPM) and surface permanent magnetic motor (SPM).

For Conveyor / Crane Industry
Transportation machine / Conveyor / Crushers / Compressor

Embedded positioning control
VF-AS3 has sensor / sensor-less position control with point to point, Pulse input and Orientation, which is suitable for applications such as processing machine for high precision control.

Excellent flexibility by My Function (logic function)
My function adds programming capability to the drive’s input/output signals without external relays or PLC. The function makes it possible to reduce the space and cost required for the system.  My Function has the really sequence function that combines logic operation functions. The relay sequence function enables the drive to perform itself in 52 steps (4 steps x 7 units + 24 steps) without the PLC.The processing speed is faster than control with the PLC as the function uses internal data and signals directly.

Reliable safety function

The VF-AS3 has STO (Safe Torque Off) function as standard and is highly reliable to cut off output in an emergency.

The STO function brings the machine safely into a no-torque state and prevents it from starting accidentally.

It complies with safety standards IEC 61800-5-2 and also achieves SIL3 level in IEC 61508:2010.

In addition, the following safety functions are available as options:

-SS1 (Safe Stop 1)
-SOS (Safe Operating Stop)
-SS2 (Safe Stop 2)
-SBC (Safe Brake Control)
-SLS (Safely-Limied Speed
-SDI (Safe Direction)

Toshiba AS3 Drives 1hp to 500hp

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Monday, February 26, 2018

Toshiba S9 and S11 Drives

Sords Electric has 2 older Toshiba Drives in stock

Toshiba S9 VFD 7.5 Horse Power HP, 460 volts

TOSHIBA VFS9-4055PL-WN, 7 1/2 HP, 460v, 3 phase/3 phase Toshiba Variable Frequency Drive

Toshiba S11 VFD 10 Horse Power HP, 230 volts

TOSHIBA VFS11-2075PM-WN, 10 HP, 230v, 3 phase/3 phase Toshiba Variable Frequency Drive

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