Sunday, August 28, 2016

Marley Q'Mark Garage Heater GH48R

Sords Electric Stocks the QMark GH48R Garage Heater
(Fahrenheat FLCH4R)

The Marley Q'Mark GH48R garage heater comes with a remote for easy temperature setting and programming.  The heater does have to be hard wired.

Voltage:     208/240
Wattage:  3600/4800
Amps:   17/20
CFM:  160
Warranty: 1 Year

Marley Q'Mark GH48R Garage Heater

The QMark Garage Heater GH48R comes with an IR remote and has a digital interface as well as an auto timer.  The timer can be set to turn off after a specified time so the heater will not potentially run all night if left alone or forgotten.  Timer is up to nine hours.

The Universal bracket can be mounted three different ways for wall or ceiling mounting or horizontal throw or an angled throw of the air.

Ceiling Mount

Wall Mount

Ceiling Mount 30 Degrees

Q'Mark GH48R Applications include:

Garages, Barns, Workshops, Storage Facilites, Basements, Boathouses, Pool Sheds, Cabanas

Factories, Warehouse, Stores, Stock Rooms, Storages Sheds (Buildings), Farm Shops

Unit weight is about 14 pounds.

Sords Electric

Friday, August 26, 2016

Q'Mark Unit Heater MUH35C

Sords Electric Stocks the Q'Mark MUH35C Unit Heater from QMark

Wattage: 5000 or 3300 Watts @ 240 volts
         3700 or 2500 Watts @ 208 volts

Voltage: 208 or 240 Volts
Amps: 21.0, 14.0
      18.0, 12.0
(Depending on the voltage and the heat selector Switch.)

CFM: 210
Air Throw: 24 feet
Temperature Change: 71 Degrees F.

The Qmark MUH35C unit heaters is a universal unit heater that can be wall or ceiling mounted or can sit n a floor for quick spot heating. On board controls make this heater easy use and operate. The air flow can be directed or positioned for precise control. The Q'Mark MUH35 can be hard wired or has an optional cord for portability.  Note: This is a 240 volt heater and cannot be plugged into a standard 120 volt home receptacle.  The optional Cord is part number PHCS1B.

Multiple Wattage Selector Switch
Fan Only Switch
Built in Thermostat with 40-90 Degree Range
Integral Bracket for Wall or Ceiling mounting
Advanced Pull Through Air Flow
Manual Reset thermal Cutout for safety

Buy the Q'Mark MUH35C HERE.

Buy the QMark MUH35C with Cord HERE.

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Monday, August 22, 2016

Q'Mark Wall Heater CWH3150F for small Spaces

QMark CWH3150F 1500 Watt, 120 Volt Wall Heater - In Stock At Sords Electric

The Q'Mark CWH 3150F replaces the Q'Mark CWH3150 with a new styles grill. The heater itself remains the same dependable electric wall heater before the aesthetic upgrade.

The Qmark CWH3000 series can be used in residential, commercial or industrial areas that need forced air heat for comfort. The QMark series CWH comes in wattages from 1500 to 4800 or 1.5 kw - 4.8 kw. The AC voltage choices are 120, 208, 240, 277, 347 and 600.  The CWH 3150F is 120 volts AC and 1.5 kw. There are no DC units available. 

The Q'Mark CWH3150F will preform exceptionally well in hotel foyers, restaurant vestibules, department store hallways, fast food entryways, commercial showrooms, mechanical rooms, medical offices, basements and offices. Not an outdoor heater.

Q'Mark Commercial Wall Heater CWH3150F
CWH3150F - CWH 3000 series

Features include:

Optimized air flow through a commercial steel grill

Northern White standard finish

Integral Double Pole Thermostat with 40-85 F range

Fan Only option for summer

Built in Power on/off switch for safety and maintenance

Manual Reset Thermal over heat protector

Fan Delay Switch which delays the fan until the elements are hot so only hot air is discharged from the heater.

1 year workmanship warranty and 5 year warranty for the heating element.

ETL approved and cUS listed.

The below are the five options for the QMark CWH3150F.

FRAFCTPF - Tamper Proof Cover
CWH3SM - Surface Mount Frame
CWH3S1 - 1 inch semi-recessed frame
CWH3S2 - 2 inch semi-recessed frame
LFKSFCNW - 14 gauge security front cover
(All the above are Northern White in color.)

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Q'Mark CWH1151DSAF Architectural Small Wall Heater

Sords Electric Stocks The QMark CWH1151DSAF Wall Heater

KW: 1.5     /  Volts: 120 AC 
BTU: 5120  /  Amps: 12.5

The Q Mark CWH series Wall Heaer is great for smaller spaces like bathrooms, hall ways, dens, small offices, vestibules, breezeways, workshops, work out rooms and small garages.
(See our Garage Heater GH48R for larger garages and ceiling mount).
The Q'Mark CWH1151DSAF has a fast heat response with a compact design and puts out 5102 BTUS or 1500 watts. The bar-stock grill in bronze is designed for optimal airflow.
The heater series can come n vantages of 120. 208, 240 or 277 and wattages up to 2000.

Included with the the Qmark  CWH 1151DSAF :

Integral Thermostat: 40-85 F

Fan Delay Switch which delays the fan coming on until there is warm air to discharge.

Manual Reset Thermal overload protector for protecting against an inadvertent over heating situation, like an air flow blockage.

1 year workmanship warranty and 5 years on the element.

Do Not install closer than 4 inches to the floor.
Do Not install behind a towel rack, draperies, behind a door, in a closet or other obstructed space.

The heater size is 10-5/8 x 12-1/8 x 4 Inches

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