Friday, June 30, 2017

TRC Southwire 33120 Panel Mount GFCI

Sords Electric Sell the TRC (Technology Research Corp) 33120 Panel Mount GFCI

The small by mighty GFCI is designed to mount in a panel.  The 33120 GFCI has an automatic reset in case of a power outage  The GFCI will trip when it senses a 4-6mA leakage.  A manual reset is required after an actual Ground Fault is detected.

The TRC 33120 is a 20 amp GCI and rated for 120 volts. It has a Test button and a Reset Button.
Unit is 3.25 inches high x 2.16 inches deep and 2.35 inches wide.
GFCI response time is less than 25mS and trip level is 4-6 mA. 
Unit has a power on indication light.

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Unit Top is left with Buttons and unit bottom is right
TRC Model 33120 GFCI Panel Mount

Sords Electric