Saturday, April 30, 2016

Autonics LE3S Digital Timer Octal Socket Connection

Sords Electric Sells the Autonics LE3S TDR/Timer with Digital Display

The Autonics Digital LCD Plug-In Timer is a simple Octal based TDR with push button digital setting. The timer can time up or down and has 10 programmable output modes and 10 timing ranges.

Autonics LE3S 48x48 Octal Socket Timer, Universal Voltage and Multi-Function

Autonics LE3S Digital LCD Timer
Sords Electric

Power Supply: 24-240 VAC/VDC
Output: SPDT 5A resistive Load
Approvals: CE Certified and cUS approved
Timing Ranges: .01-9.99 seconds, .9-99.9 seconds, 1-999 seconds, .1-99.9 minutes, 1-999 minutes, .1-99.9 hours, 1-999 hours, 10-9990 hours, 0:01secs - 10:00 minutes, 0:01 minutes - 10:00 hours
Wiring: Requires an 8-Pin/Octal Socket

Modes of Operation:
On Delay / Delay on Make
Flicker / Recycle
One Shot / Flicker
Off Delay / Delay on Break
On/Off Delay
Interval Delay
Integration Time

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Friday, April 29, 2016

Autonics 7 day Programmable Timer LE7M-2

Sords Electric sells the Autonics LE7M-2 (Seven) 7 Day timer

The Autonics Weekly/Yearly timer LE7M-2 allows various weekly or yearly unit time setting and control by user. It includes 2 independent control output (Relay), and is easy to set and check the detail of program setting. Also, various mounting methods are supported including flush, surface and DIN RAIL in order to increase user’s convenience.

Autoncis Model LE7M-2, seven day weekly timer offers a wide range of control flexibility through simple programming for each day individually or repeated for two through seven days. The weekly timer has two independent SPDT relay outputs each of which can be programmed in any of three timing modes. The timer can be front panel, base, or DIN rail mounted with all hardware for the three methods supplied with the unit. Changes to individual days can be accomplished without the need to reprogram the entire week.


Power Supply: 100-240 VAC

Timing Program: 48 steps/weeky; 24 steps/yearly
Operation Modes: ON/OFF, Cycle, pulse
Mounting: Front Panel, Surface, DIN Rail
Time Deviation: 15 secs/month
Memory: 5 years
Control Output: SPDT and 10 amps at 250 VAC
Mechanical Relay Life: Min. 5,000,000 (30 times per minute)
Electrical Relay Life: Min. 50,000 operations
Dimensions: 72x72x67 mm

Click HERE for Setting Instructions

AUTONICS LE7M-2 Day Weekly Timer, Digital, Programmable

The Autonics LE7M-2 replaces the Autonics, Tenor and ATC LE7D-2 7-Day timer.

Saturday, April 2, 2016

ATC 304G Percentage Timer for Industrial Control

Sords Electric Sells the ATC 304G Percentage Timer
Automatic Timing and Controls % Timer Model 304G

Percentage Timers work by turning on a load for a percent of the dial Range.
If you have a 60 second (1 minute) percentage timer and set the dial to 50%, the timer will be on for 30 seconds and of for 30 seconds. If the dial is set to 75% then the load is on for 45 seconds and off for 15 seconds. Percentage timers start their cycling function when the control switch closes. As long sat the switch remains closed, the load continues to turn on and off at regular intervals.  This cycling stops when the control switch is open. A recycle timer is similar and comes in 2 types; equal on and off times and different on and off times also know as a flip flop timer.  A Flip Flop timer can have an ON time in seconds and an off time in Hours or vice versa. See ATC 422AR Flip Flop Timer.

The ATC 304G solid-state percentage timer comes standard in a 120 SEC range with 15 SEC, 30 SEC, 60 SEC user configurable ranges. Additionally, all second ranges can become minute ranges by cutting jumper J0. The 304G is easily panel mounted with 4 screws. It utilizes an integrated circuit technology for high accuracy timing.
CONTACTS: The relay contact is capable of switching 10 A to a resistive 120 VAC or 30 VDC load. It is capable of driving a 1/3 HP load at 120 VAC.
CYCLE PROGRESS INDICATION: The 3O4G has a pilot light that is on solid during the relay off time. It blinks at a faster rate during the relay on time: once every 3.5 seconds during the first 10% of the cycle, twice during the second 10% and so on.
HIGH ACCURACY: The ATC 304G's timing circuit is not a simple RC circuit. It utilizes the sophistication of a proprietary integrated circuit that includes counting technology along with a stable oscillator to provide repeatable time delays.
CONVENIENT ADJUSTMENT: Graduated in easily read 1% increments, the ATC 304G provides continuous adjustment of on time between 5 and 95%.
The ATC 304G comes standard in the 120 SECOND range but is user configurable for the 15 SEC, 30 SEC, 60 SEC by cutting jumpers from the PC board. Each of these ranges can also be made minutes range by cutting a jumper. Its solid-state circuitry repeatedly closes the SPST load switch for a percentage of the time cycle, as set on the timer dial, and opens it for the remainder of the cycle.
When the dial pointer is set below 3%, the load switch stays open for the full cycle; it remains closed when the pointer is set above 98%. This is true for all seconds ranges. Minute ranges have a 0.01% minimum.
If power is interrupted to the 304G percentage timer it will reset. When power is restored, the 304G will begin a new time cycle.

Percentage Timers can control heaters, lights, ovens, heat trace cable, motors, and pumps.

Percentage Timers are found in industrial plants, waste water plants, agriculture processes, irrigation, stadiums and steel processes.

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ATC 304G400Q00XX Percentage Timer

To get a quote on any ATC timer, please use our ATC Timer Parts Form HERE.



ATC Analog Spring Wound Interval Timers from Sords Electric
Series 406A, 407A and 409A timers by Automatic Timing and Controls

The pointer is manually set to the desired time. At the instant the knob is turned from zero, the switch MS closes and load A is energized. After the set time has elapsed, the load is de-energized and the timer stops at zero.
There is a terminal connection, (terminal 4) load B, for an end of cycle light and/or audible signal. A toggle switch can be furnished as added equipment which allows setting of the time before actuating the load. This provides a means of more accurate time settings. This toggle switch (time start and signal stop) will also turn off the end of cycle signal.

APPLICATIONS: Designed to control an electrical circuit for a set time upon operation of the manual setting knob which is directly connected to the switch operating cam. To assure positive setting action, this timer does not set through a clutch. Calibrated dial settings are available in ranges 30 minutes, 60 minutes and 5 hours. Designed for control of any electrically operated equipment or operation, such as processing machinery, plastic molding, laundry and dry cleaning machinery, electric ovens and furnaces, photographic equipment, lighting, generators, fans or wherever accurately timed control of electrical operation is critical.

ATC 406A Interval Timer with 30 Minute Range, 15 amp contacts and 120v voltage

ATC 407A Interval Timer with 60 Minute Range, 15 amp contacts and 120v voltage

ATC 409A Interval Timer with 5 Hour Range, 15 amp contacts and 120v voltage

An interval timer is like an oven timer, set the time the "oven" goes for the set amount of time and then the "oven" goes off at the elasped time.

Click HERE for the Data Sheet for the ATC 400 Series Spring Wound Timers
Click HERE for the Sords Electric ATC Timer Parts Form for a quote.


Friday, April 1, 2016

Toshiba Electric Motors in Stock at Sords Electric
Call Syd to order @ 800-929-2845
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B1/24EMF2AOZ 1/2 1800 TEFC 56/56H 3 TOSHIBA Cast Iron Frame $116.92
B3/44FMF2AOZ  3/4 1800 TEFC 56/56H 3 TOSHIBA Cast Iron Frame $126.36
113337 1    3600 ODP 56C 1 LEESON Rolled Steel Frame $139.39
B0014DLF2AM 1    1800 ODP 143T 3 TOSHIBA Cast Iron Frame $81.10
B0014FLF3BMHJ 1 1800 TEFC 143T 3 TOSHIBA IEEE841 $265.36
B0014FLF2AOZ 1 1800 TEFC 56 3 TOSHIBA Cast Iron Frame $131.40
NP0012 1 3600 TEFC 143T 3 TECO Cast Iron Frame $150.25
BY154FLF1BMHD 1 1/2 1800 TEFC 143T 3 TOSHIBA SD 460V only $216.00
BY154FLF2AYH 1 1/2 1800 TEFC 143T 3 TOSHIBA CI Fr. Premium Eff $173.60
BY154FLF3BMHJ 1 1/2 1800 TEFC 143T 3 TOSHIBA IEEE841 $294.51
X1/52 1 1/2 3600 TEXP 145T 3 TECO Explosion Proof $253.88
BY152FLF2UMW 1 1/2 3600 TEFC 145T 3 TOSHIBA CI Fr. Epact Eff $167.95
B0024FLF3BMHJ 2 1800 TEFC 145T 3 TOSHIBA SD 460V only $323.64
B0024FLF1BMHD 2 1800 TEFC 145T 3 TOSHIBA IEEE841 $276.49
B0022FLF2AM 2 3600 TEFC 145T 3 TOSHIBA Cast Iron Frame $144.95
B0034FLF1BMHD 3 1800 TEFC 182T 3 TOSHIBA SD 460V only $290.73
B0034FLF3BMHJ 3 1800 TEFC 182T 3 TOSHIBA IEEE841 $391.84
B0034DLF2AYH 3 1800 ODP 182T 3 TOSHIBA CI Fr. Premium Eff $183.04
NP0052 5 3600 TEFC 184T 3 TECO Cast Iron Frame $263.61
B0054FLF1BMHD 5 1800 TEFC 184T 3 TOSHIBA SD 460V only $322.67
B0054FLF3BMHJ 5 1800 TEFC 184T 3 TOSHIBA IEEE841 $419.75
B0106DLF2UM 10 1200 ODP 256T 3 TOSHIBA Cast Iron Frame $514.00
B0104DLF2USH 10 1800 ODP 215T 3 TOSHIBA CI Fr. Premium Eff $406.67
B0104FLF3BSHJ 10 1800 TEFC 215T 3 TOSHIBA IEEE841 $685.11
B0204DLF2UMH 20 1800 ODP 256T 3 TOSHIBA CI Fr. Premium Eff $670.00
B0252FLG3UM 25 3600 TEFC 284TS 3 TOSHIBA Cast Iron Frame $883.33
B0252FLG3UMH 25 3600 TEFC 284TS 3 TOSHIBA CI Fr. Premium Eff $1,058.96
B0404FLF3USH 40 1800 TEFC 324T 3 TOSHIBA CI Fr. Premium Eff $1,398.03

All Motors are New and in original packaging
All Motor are sold AS IS with no warranty.
Ask if you wish to have a warranty included.