Sunday, January 31, 2016

ATC 405AR TDR Industrial Timer

Sords Electric Stocks the ATC 405AR On-Delay or Interval timer.

The Automatic Timing and Controls Plug In 405AR100S2X timer is an on delay/interval timer for industrial applications.  The Series 405AR replaces the older 405A and 405B series 1/176 DIN Timers. These in turn were electronic replacements for the original motor driven mechanical 305E timers.  The 305E timers are still available for plug in replacement of old 305E 1/4 DIN timers.

The 405AR offers 12 time ranges:
1 second/minute/hour
3 seconds/minutes/hours
10 seconds/minutes/hours
30 seconds/minutes/hours

The 405AR timer has a 10 amp relay and has universal voltage input of 20-240ac volts and 12-240dc.

ATC Series 405AR Timer

The 405AR100S2X timer is a 1/16 DIN TDR and plugs into a standard octal socket.

Our din rail/surface mount OCTAL (8 pin) socket is 8258500.