Thursday, September 15, 2016

Robertshaw Vibration Switches for Machine and Fan Protection

Sords Electric Sells Robertshaw Vibration Switches and Transducers

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with Vibration Switches you Can:
Avoid Catastrophic Failures
Reduce Downtime
Improve Maintenance

Robertshaw Model 366 switches are NEMA 4 rated
Robertshaw Model 365A Switches are Explosion Proof
Robertshaw EURO366 are ATEX approved
All switches measure up to 4 Gs.
No mercury in the switches and they last a lifetime.

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366A8  120 volt reset with SPDT switch - Nema 4
365A-A8 120 volt reset with SPDT switch - Nema 7
366D8  120 volt reset with DPDT switch - Nema 4
365A-D8 120 volt reset with DPDT switch - Nema 7

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Q'Mark Smart Electric Wall Heaters Type HT1502SS

Sords Electric Stocks Q'Mark 120 Volt Smart Wall Heaters

Q'Mark HT1502SS   120 volt smart wall heater with grey grille

Q'Mark HT1502SSNW  120 volt smart wall heater with northern white grille

The Marley Q'Mark SMART series wall heaters can reduce energy consumption by up to 35% for a comparable wattage wall heater.  These wall heaters can do this be being programmable AND by modulating the heating elements when the temperature is reached to keep a space warm, in other words the heater use less power by using less wattage when possible. The Qmark smart series HT heaters have a 5 day 2 day program so the heater turns on and off during the times needed so there is no need to "remember" to turn the heater off.

Wattage:  200-1500
Volts:  120 VAC
Amps: 1.6-12.5
BTUs: 682-5120
Colors: Grey or Northern White

The Qmark HT SMART heater can be programmed via the touch pad. The touch pad can have a lock out code to be tamper proof or child proof. The heater also comes with a remote for programming.


The Q'Mark SMART Heater automatically Adjusts wattage output and blower speed resulting in whisper quiet operation and optimum comfort and efficiency.

Heating Element is heavy duty non glowing steel fins brazed to steel sheathed tubular elements in a grid pattern that covers the entire discharge area.

Built in fan delay operates when the unit is turned off after heating element to prolong element life.

5/2 day electronic programmable built in thermostat adaptable to fit any life style while providing energy savings and precise temperature performance.

The HT Wall Heater has easy to use LED touch screen operation.

Convenient remote control included with the QMark HT1502 heaters.

Contemporary, clean die sign with night light feature complements any decor.

Two Grille colors to chose from, the standard grey and optional Northern White.

Designed for easy installation. Heater is mounted prior to wiring.  Both hands are free to make field connections in roomy compartment.

The Q'Mark HT Smart Heater is designed for installation in 2 x 4 frames or larger wall sections using the wall box provided.

The heater may be wired with standard building wire (60C).

The Q'Mark HT1502 heaters have dimensions of 19-9/16 x 13-11/16 inches.
The back box dimensions are 17-7/16  x 12 inches

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