Saturday, April 20, 2013

SSAC TSDR612SA20S Timing Module

Sords Electric Fixed Time Recycling Timing Module by SSAC

SSAC timer TSDR612SA20S, 230 volts.

This Recycle timer is 2 seconds ON and 20 seconds OFF.

The TSDR Digi-Timer is an on/off or off/on recycling timing module designed to control metering pumps, chemical valves, flash lamps, or use in energy saving or duty cycling applications. It may be ordered with both time delays factory fixed, or one delay fixed and the other delay external or onboard adjustable. The TSD Series is designed for more demanding commercial and industrial applications where small size and accurate performance are required. The factory calibration for fixed time delays is < ±5%. The repeat accuracy, under stable conditions, is 0.5% of the time delay. The TSD Series is rated to operate over an extended temperature range. Time delays of 0.1 seconds to 1000 minutes are available. The output is rated 1A steady and 10A inrush. The modules are totally solid state and encapsulated to protect the electronic circuitry.

Operation (Recycling - ON Time First):
Upon application of input voltage, the output energizes and the T1, ON time begins. At the end of the ON time, the output de energizes and the T2, OFF time begins. At the end of the OFF time, the output energizes and the cycle repeats as long as input voltage is applied.
Reset: Removing input voltage resets the output and time delays, and returns the sequence to the T1 ON time. Operation (Recycling - OFF Time First): Upon application of input voltage, the T2 OFF time begins. At the end of the OFF time, the T1 ON time begins and the load energizes. At the end of the T1, T2 begins and the load de-energizes. This cycle repeats until input voltage is removed.
Reset: Removing input voltage resets the output and the sequence to T2 OFF time.

Timer cost is $35.00 each net.  Call to order.  800-929-2845.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

New Ultrasonic Sensors from Carlo Gavazzi

Ultra Sonic Sensors by Carlo Gavazzi and Sords Electric

Carlo Gavazzi is proud to introduce the new UA Series ultrasonic sensor family with improved functionality in a state of the art design.

The UA Series features longer sensing ranges and an excellent cost/performance ratio, making them the premier ultrasonic sensor in the market today. With their simple teach procedure and shorter M18 or M30 diameter housing, the sensors are ready to tackle the most difficult distance and level applications.

This new UA Series of ultrasonic sensors has two different output configurations. The first has two digital outputs in either NPN or PNP. The second has an analog output in either 4-20 mA or 0-10 VDC, as well as one digital output in NPN or PNP. The two digital outputs can be set as standard switching outputs with two set points or as a window function. The analog output can be set with a positive or negative slope for both filling and emptying applications.

The sensors are available in four different sensing distances: 400, 900, 2,200 and 3,500mm. They come with both pre-cabled or M12 connector versions. They are designed for use in a wide variety of applications, including material handling, food & beverage, packaging, plastics, agriculture, printing and automotive.

The new Carlo Gavazzi ultrasonic sensor series of UA18 and UA30 sensors provide superior sensing solutions with a good price-performance-ratio for a variety of industry applications. The Carlo Gavazzi UA sensors are excellent at non-contact position and distance measurement and they are able to detect any target regardless of its color, transparency or surface.

Because of the sensors resistance to high and low temperatures and immunity against dust, steam and fumes, the Gavazzi UA sensors are especially well suited to harsh environments. Carlo Gavazzi UA18 and UA30 Ultra Sonics come in a two digital output version and a combined version with one digital and one analogue output. Sensing distances go from 50 to 3500 mm and both cable and plug (M12, 4 pin) versions are available.

Due to improved technology, an extended sensing distance and a reduced housing length, these Ultrasonic sensors make for a state of the art sensor family with high accuracy, versatility and resilience!

Short blind zone
The new UA sensors offer a reduced blind zone which improves the mounting flexibility and minimizes the space required for reliable detection.

Easy teach-in
Sensing modes are easily set by two simple clicks on the teach-in button.

Long sensing distance
The UA sensor family includes a wide range of models covering operational ranges of up to 3500 mm.

Reduced housing length
The new housing has been made even smaller for better space saving.

Harsh environments
The robust, solid-cast housing is specifically designed and well suited to industries where environmental conditionssuchaslighting,dust,fumesandsteamchallengethe sensing performance.

CE (EN60947-5-2) cULus (UL508)

Carlo Gavazzi Ultra Sonic Sensor, 30mm, 0-10V and NPN, 2 meter cable, Range 250-3500mm

Carlo Gavazzi Ultra Sonic Sensor, 80mm, RS-485, M12 Plug, Range 400-4000mm

Featuring two digital outputs, the Carlo Gavazzi digital UA sensors can operate in two different modes: normal switching or adjustable hysteresis. The outputs are independently teachable via the teach- in button. Modes are easily set and adjusted for on/off or filling/emptying functionality. NPN or PNP.

The analog Carlo Gavazzi UA sensors offer a combined output configuration: one digital and one analogue output. The analogue output of 4-20 mA or 0-10 VDC can be configured as either “positive slope” or “negative slope”. The slope is defined by two teachable setpoints.
The digital output forms a sensing window in which the output is either active or inactive between the setpoints (P2 and P1). These are useful features for distance measurement, level measurement, diameter measurement or loop control.

Diameter measurement
The UA18 and UA30 sensors are ideal for accurate measurement of changing diameters, such as reels and drums in paper, aluminium and other metal manufacturing, textile, plastics and packaging industries. The sensors provide a precise output of the diameter in rolls or drums as it changes when materials wind or unwind.

Parts counting & presence detection
Because of their superior ability to detect clear, transparent objects and to measure distance, the UA18/UA30 sensors are a perfect choice for a wide range of applications. Parts are precisely detected and positioned and objects or persons are counted by the UA18/UA30 sensors in areas dealing with people, robots, glass, fluids, food & beverage, solid objects, car wash and materials handling.

Level detection
The UA18 and UA30 sensors are superb at detecting the level of fluids, semi fluids and solids, such as water in a tank or grain in a container. Typical applications include printing machines, hoppers, agricultural manufacturing, food & beverage, water treatment, chemical industry, analysis work and power plants.

Tension control
Monitoring and control of speed, position and tension of materials being processed are efficiently and accurately performed by the UA18/UA30 sensors. The sensors monitor the slope of loops and synchronise the speed between machines, securing a stable working flow. These features are useful in metal working, paper, aluminium, textile and plastics manufacturing as well as packaging and chemical industries.

Height and size measurement
The UA18 and UA30 sensors are succesfully used in applications which measure the height or size of objects moving past the sensor or for stacking operations in industries such as the automotive industry, printing machines, metal working, package & distribution, food & beverage, bottle sorting, agriculture, robots, the electronics industry, glass and materials handling.

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