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Robertshaw 365A Vibration Switch

Sords Electric Sells the Robertshaw Industrial Products 365A Explosion Proof Vibraswitch

By Robertshaw Vibration Switches HERE.

The 365A series Vibration Switch is the standard of the industry for Vibration Detection. The Robertshaw Switch is based on acceleration to detect vibration and shut of machinery before a catastrophic disaster.

The 365A malfunction detector provides maximum protection for large motors, pumps, compressors and the types of rotating or reciprocating equipment by responding to mechanical malfunctions the instant they occur. The 365A is UL, and c-UL certified Explosion Proof, type 4/4X and IP66 Weatherproof and ATEX certified (E365A).

- Acceleration sensitive-measures total destructive shock
- SPDT ot DPDT contact options (A or D Models)
----7 Amps max, 460 VAC Max, 50/60 Hz on"A" versions
----5 Amps max, 240 VAC Max, 50/60 Hz on"D" versions
- Optional Gold contacts for low voltage/current operation
- Adjustable set point range 0G to 4.5G
---- 0-4.5 G when mounted Horizontally
---- 0-3.5 G when mounted Vertically
- Local or electric remote Reset
- Optional Space Heater to prevent condensation
- Explosion-Proof weatherproof enclosure

Installed 365A Switch

The Model 365A and #365A Vibraswitches empty a magnetic circuit opposed by inertial and adjustable spring forces in the actuation mechanism. Operation of the Vibraswitches is as follows:
The armature is constrained so as to respond to only one direction of movement by frictionless flexure pivot compost of two overlapping blocks and a leaf spring leaded in one direction to hold the blocks together.  The armature totals on the pivot being forced in one direction by the adjusting spring force and the other direction by the magnetic force.
Then the entire assembly is subjected to vibration perpendicular to the base, the peak acceleration times the effective mass of the rmatureproduces an inertial force, aided be the adjustable spring tending to pull the armature away from the stop pin and the restraining force of the magnet.  When the peak acceleration exceeds the set point level the armature leaves the stop pin, increasing the gap and decreasing the force with the armature continuing to move up until it reaches the latch magnet, actuating the switch during its upward travel.
RESET is done by depressing the RESET button or applying power to the electrical reset coil.

Robertshaw 365A Vibration Switch

Enclosure Classifications
Class I, Divison 1, Group B,C, D
Class II, Division 1, Group E, F & G

Robertshaw 365A-A8 Name Plate (2018)

Robertshaw 365A-A8
120 volt AC reset Coil, SPDT Contacts

Robertshaw 365A-D8
120 volt AC reset Coil, DPDT Contacts

Robertshaw 365A-A2 
24 volt DC reset Coil, SPDT Contacts

Robertshaw 365A-D2
24 volt DC reset Coil, DPDT Contacts

Robertshaw 365A-A3
240 volt AC reset Coil, SPDT Contacts

Robertshaw 365A-D3
240 volt AC reset Coil, DPDT Contacts

Robertshaw 365A-A4
48 volt DC reset Coil, SPDT Contacts

Robertshaw 365A-D4
48 volt DC reset Coil, DPDT Contacts

Robertshaw 365A-A7
120 volt DC reset Coil, SPDT Contacts

Robertshaw 365A-D7
120 volt DC reset Coil, DPDT Contacts

Please note that the Robertshaw Industrial Products is now part of Schneider Electric.

Sords Electric
Cleveland, Ohio

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