Monday, August 13, 2018

MDI Mercury Relay FAQs

MDI Mercury Displacement Industries Mercury Relays

Quick FAQs and Answers

What are the advantages of Mercury relays over Solid State Relays in A.C. Resistive heating application?

Mercury Relays have a Longer trouble free life, cost effective, they have a greater immunity to voltage spikes, lower voltage drops and less heat generated by the units then Solid State Relays.

What is the difference between Resistive and General Purpose?

Resistive has a Power Factor of one and usually used in A.C. resistive heating.
General Purpose is a UL designation for loads with a Power Factor of 0.7 or higher.

What is the average life of a relay?

At full contact ratings, the relays tend to last several million operations. Running at lower voltages and currents can add greatly to the life expectancy.

 What is a Liquid Level Control?

The most common liquid level control is the sump pump float. Our floats can be used to control the levels of many other fluids too. The sump pump float is designated a normally open or pump down. We also make normally closed or pump up floats to control the addition of liquid to keep and tank from going empty.

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